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National Volunteer Week: Celebrating our Volunteers!

April 10th to 16th is National Volunteer Week! This week, we're celebrating our WILD volunteers!

Absolutely ALL of our volunteers are amazing - from our Board of Directors who spend numerous hours on governance to the volunteer that gives up an hour of his or her time to stand by our outreach board - WE COULDN'T DO IT WITHOUT YOU GUYS!

This week, we're going to celebrate one specific volunteer per day!

Saturday: Today we're celebrating Allie Haak and Kayla Deasley!


Since she wants to venture into the field of community recreation, Allie is certainly steering herself in the right direction by taking up a Bachelor of Arts in Recreation, Sport and Tourism (BARST) at the U of A. Her love for recreational activities stems from all the outdoor sports she played growing up and this eventually led to her passion for the environment as well. Allie got involved with CPAWS through her best friend, who is herself a volunteer. That way, they get to hang out together and become part of a worthy cause at the same time!


Having a Master’s Degree in Evolutionary Ecology is guaranteed to open doors for Kayla, who works as a laboratory coordinator in the Ecology Department of the U of A. She is truly dedicated to preserving our environment, which prompted her to join CPAWS when she first moved to Edmonton. Kayla figured that volunteering for CPAWS was a great avenue for meeting people in a new place and more importantly, people who share the same interests and passions as she does!

















Friday: Today we're celebrating Ina Lucila!

If she had her way, she’d probably spend all her free time exploring every facet of the great outdoors. Ina has a background in media and communications and puts her education to good use in her current place of work: the communications department in the City of Edmonton. Despite her hectic work schedule, she makes time for CPAWS, for which she currently wears many hats: a member of the board of directors, chair of the communications and engagement committee and volunteer coordinator. She is an advocate for raising awareness of environmental issues so that everyone can do their part in preserving the world we live in.

Thursday: Today we're celebrating Brittany Hynes!

No doubt Brittany is feeling quite proud of the fact that she’s graduating this month from NAIT where she took up a Biological Sciences Diploma program with specialization in Renewable Resources. She’s hoping to find work in the reclamation and conservation fields and then furthering her studies at the U of A after a couple more years. Brittany was more than happy to volunteer for CPAWS, which she happily jumped into when she found out that the organization was advocating to protect Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland, from where she hails. That hit the sweet spot for her, so to speak, and she’s been volunteering with CPAWS ever since!

Wednesday: Today we're celebrating Christy Woods!

Anyone who is dedicated to the conservation and cleansing of water is truly a rare gem, as many of us take the scarcity of water for granted. Christy is one such gem whose passion is anything and everything to do with taking care of our water. Though she currently works in the shipping/receiving department of an Agricultural company and waits tables on weekends and evenings, her ultimate goal is to be a hydrologist so that she can do her part in protecting the world’s water resources. Her passion for the environment, as well as her love for outdoor activities, prompted her to volunteer for CPAWS.

Tuesday: Today we're celebrating Melanie Belley!

Balancing one’s studies and working at the same time is no mean feat, but Melanie is able to do both tasks quite well, plus volunteer at CPAWS too! She’s currently an undergrad at the University of Alberta, taking up Environmental and Conservation Sciences majoring in Human Dimensions of Environmental Management. When she’s not busy with school work, she works at the Trans Alberta Tri Leisure Center. With her environmental degree tucked under her belt, Melanie dreams of one day helping educate the public about conserving our natural resources. She’s certainly doing her part in that aspect by volunteering for CPAWS, which she says is an amazing step in the right direction. She feels that in joining CPAWS, she gets to be part of an organization that caters to her passion for the outdoors and save the environment as well!

Monday: Today we're celebrating Jade Murphy!

Jade is excited to be graduating from NAIT this month after completing her studies in Biological Sciences Technology because she’s looking forward to the next chapter in her life. She says that she has always had a strong passion for the environment, which is what prompted her to pursue studies in the sciences. She hopes to concentrate on wildlife rehabilitation or environment conservation, two areas which led her to share her time and energy as one of CPAWS’ most dedicated volunteers! THANK YOU JADE!