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Maligne Lake Development Court Battle

  • Published on May 08 2017 |
  • by Alison Ronson |
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Canada’s National Parks are a special treasure to Canadians. It comes as no surprise then, that the National Parks enjoy protective, special purpose legislation.

Cabin Before the Caribou

  • Published on Apr 18 2017 |
  • by Alison Ronson |
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Being able to explore and hike through Jasper National Park is a privilege that many local Canadians cherish, and many tourists travel across the world to experience. At the same time, Canada has a responsibility to protect this environment, to preserve biodiversity and landscape for future generations to enjoy.

Ethical Photography: Respect for All by Kristen Langeste

My experience with the parks shifted as I got older and I developed a love of photography. Now, they are not only places I continue to be drawn back to because of the wonderful sense of calm and peace the parks provide to me, but also as a limitless subject to explore through my lens. As photographers, we have an added responsibility to exemplify respect for our surroundings. Not only must we show respect to other photographers and visitors of the parks, but we must inform ourselves of the regulations regarding wildlife, land, and photography.

Natural Landscapes: Effects on Mental Health by Kristen Langeste

Attending a presentation (Parks and Protected Areas: The True Alberta Advantage) by Alison Ronson, Executive Director of CPAWS Northern Alberta, I learned about the relationship between the increase in both children and adults experiencing mental health problems, including attention deficit disorder (ADD) and anxiety, and the decrease in the amount of time spent outdoors in nature. Although this did not surprise me, I was comforted to learn that others could also be experiencing the same feelings of relief from anxiety from being in such rich natural landscapes.

Taking Natural Urban Spaces to the Next Level: Is It Possible for Edmonton’s River Valley?

A few months ago, I was introduced to the concept of Urban National Parks. I am sure many are aware of the term ‘urban parks’ or ‘urban natural parks’; they are found in many cities and towns across the world. Yet, adding the word “national” in the middle changes things up a bit...Despite being Canada’s largest urban park, Edmonton’s river valley has not been established as a National Park nor has there been an official initiative to establish it as one. Should it be? Would taking the river valley to this “next level” be feasible or even a good idea for Edmonton?

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