ENCS Week 2015

Monday, March 9th: Protect our Headwaters!

CPAWS Northern Alberta Presents: Protect our Headwaters!
* We are excited to present to ENCS Week on the importance of protecting headwaters in Alberta. A couple of short films will be shown as well as a general discussion around headwaters protection!

Where: University of Alberta, GSB 511
When: 6:00pm
Tea and Cookies Reception


Tuesday, March 10th: Save the Little Smoky Herd and Being Caribou!

CPAWS Northern Alberta Presents: Being Caribou
* We will discuss the state of Alberta's caribou, highlighting the Little Smoky herd, followed by a viewing of the documentary, Being Caribou

Where: University of Alberta, GSB 859
When: 6:30pm
Free Pizza and Pop