Explore Wild Alberta

Every week, we will post a weekly theme for our Explore Wild Alberta Photo Challenge. Entries must be posted on Instagram. Use the hashtag ‪#‎myWildAB‬ and tag us @cpaws_nab. Entries with the most “likes” will win.

April 22nd: EARTH DAY! 

HAPPY EARTH DAY and welcome to the Explore Wild Alberta social media challenge! 

Over the next few weeks we'll be asking you to submit your best photographs to our Instagram account and each week the photo with the most "likes" will win an awesome prize! Starting today, on EARTH DAY, the first photo challenge of the series!

CPAWS loves Jasper National Park and we want to make sure this natural treasure is preserved forever.Share your favourite photograph ofJasper National Park. If you have a fond memory in Jasper, we would love to hear it too!
To enter, post your photo on Instagramwith the hashtag ‪#‎myWildAB‬ and tag us@CPAWS_nab. Make sure your photo is public so we can see it! If your photo has the most “likes” this week, we want to help you make more Jasper memories.

This week’s prize is: TWO ROUND TRIP TRAIN TICKETS toJASPER NATIONAL PARK brought toyou by VIA RAIL CANADA! The first week's challenge ends on April 29. Winners will be announced on our social media accounts, so follow us!