Coal Day of Action – November 17

November 17, 2021
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Coal Day of Action - November 17 Join us in calling your MLA

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Coal Day of Action – November 17

Call your Member of the Legislative Assembly for the Coal Day of Action 

The Coal Policy Committee is required to submit its recommendations for a new coal policy to the Minister of Energy. Last week, due to overwhelming amounts of input, they were granted an extension until December 31st . 

This gives you the opportunity to ask the government for the report to be made public for increased transparency, and accountability. 

The public has the right to know:

  • What the recommendations from the coal policy committee are 
  • How the information provided by stakeholders was interpreted and included in the recommendations 
  • How the Government of Alberta will use these recommendations in the development of a new Coal Policy. 

Additionally, full public and Indigenous consultations are needed for a new coal policy. 

The report should be a result of what the committee heard from stakeholders across the province and will include recommendations for a new coal policy. It is important that a new coal policy reflects what Albertans clearly want – clean water, protected landscapes, and a healthy future. 


Calling your MLA is easy! Dial their number, and either leave a message on their voicemail or ask to leave a message with a staff person who answers the phone.  

You can even use our suggested script

Hi, my name is __________, I live in RIDING NAME and I’m calling as a constituent of MLA NAME. I care about the future of the eastern slopes and I am calling on your government to protect them from coal development.   

The coal policy committee has been given a deadline extension to submit their recommendations to Minister Savage. I appreciate that the Minister has extended the moratorium on exploration, and recognized the overwhelming amount of input. It is imperative that Minister Savage release these recommendations as soon as possible after receiving them. During this engagement process, the feedback has been overwhelmingly against any new coal development. This must be reflected in whatever new policy the government creates.   

Further, the engagement process the Coal Policy Committee undertook CANNOT be passed off as a public consultation. The government must engage in a full public and Indigenous consultation regarding any new policies they might develop as a result of this process.   

I look forward to hearing back from you regarding how you and your party will ensure the process of developing a new coal policy will be accountable, consultative, and transparent. Thank you for your time. 

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