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Our vision as part of a nationwide non-profit is to keep at least half of Canada’s public land and water wild — forever. We focus on protecting large tracts of land, oceans and freshwater so that the communities, species and biodiversity within them can survive and thrive. CPAWS Northern Alberta is a regional chapter of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) focusing in on the geographical region that start in Red Deer, Alberta all the way up to the Northwest Territories border.

Working Towards Greater Nature Conservation

There is no single path to effective nature conservation in Alberta. Conservation efforts in the province to keep lands, waters, and wildlife thriving can look like establishing parks and protected areas, habitat protection for threatened species, sustainable land-use planning, and supporting Indigenous-led conservation. 
CPAWS Northern Alberta’s work falls under a wide range of categories and often must adapt to changing environmental, political and social context. Read more below about the conservation work we are involved in.  

Parks & Protected Areas

Both parks and protected areas serve as an important tool for nature conservation and making it easier (and sustainable) for people to connect to nature. CPAWS Northern Alberta focused on the management and legislation of parks and protected areas in the province learn more about the parks system here or the Defend Alberta Parks campaign.  

Wildlife & Species at Risk 

For decades, we have seen an accelerating pace of species loss and their habitat. The biodiversity crisis refers to the decline of all livings things which includes wildlife, vegetation and water. Deepening your knowledge on the biodiversity loss crisis and signs that we are already seeing it in Alberta can empower you to call for actionable change in the province.  

National Parks

National parks are a source of pride for many people in Canada and are unique places known on a world scale. Our focus at CPAWS Northern Alberta is to ensure National Parks plans prioritize ecological integrity and encourages Parks Canada as a leader in Climate Change advocacy and policy. Some of our focuses within the national parks system include Wood Buffalo National Park, Jasper National Park, the National Urban Park initiative in the Edmonton region and Elk Island National Park. 

Land-use in Alberta 

Alberta’s public lands support recreation, economic activity, wildlife and communities. Land-use plans are a tool to ensure that this wide-range of activity can co-exist sustainably on Alberta’s landscapes. CPAWS Northern Alberta’s focuses on land-use that threatens biodiversity, wildlife and communities like oil sands tailings, forestry and coal mining and exploration.

Twin Crises: Climate Change and Biodiversity Loss 

The twin crises of climate change and biodiversity loss are of global importance but are deeply felt at the regional level. Nature-based climate solutions use existing resources like forests, wetlands, and grasslands as tools to mitigate the impacts of the twin crises.  

Indigenous-led Conservation 

Supporting Indigenous-led conservation is key to a path towards reconciliation, but it can also help meet biodiversity and conservation goals. Indigenous-led initiatives can protect nature and cultural values, while elevating the rights and responsibility of Indigenous communities.



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From seasoned environmentalists to those with a curiosity and appreciation for our natural spaces in Alberta, our community is diverse. There is a number of ways to join us in speaking up for lands and waters that will sustain us now and into the future.


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