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Privacy Policy

Last updated February 2007

Privacy and Use of Personal Information Policy

Policy approved
: May 2016
Page updated: November 2023

Background: CPAWS Mission and Operations

CPAWS’ mission is to protect at least half of Canada’s pristine wilderness. Approximately 90% of Canada’s land and 100% of our oceans are publicly controlled by governments.  In order to achieve its mission, CPAWS must rally individuals who share our goal to support and participate in public consultations and efforts to conserve our land and water.  To successfully communicate with our supporter base, CPAWS requires a detailed database of individual supporters and donors. Knowing the interests of our supporters is vital so that we can communicate appropriately with each of them.

Personal Information
“Personal Information” means any information that can be linked to an identifiable individual, but does not include business contact information – i.e., names and contact information for individuals with whom CPAWS corresponds in their capacity as employees or agents of businesses, foundations or other non-profit organizations with whom CPAWS works.

Type of Personal Information Collected
CPAWS collects names, addresses, phone numbers, email and other contact information of its supporters and donors. We track responses to particular alerts and appeals, as well as “open” rates of online newsletters, so that we can continue to improve our communications and better inform our members. We also collect information about donors’ interests and activities that has been shared with us by mail, email, phone or in person.  

Purpose of Collection
Information about donors and donations is tracked as required by CRA regulations as well as for appropriate donor stewardship.  Information about individual supporters is tracked so that CPAWS can mobilize its supporter base in support of its mission.

How Personal Data is Stored
CPAWS retains all personal information in a secure modern server in Canada. All personal information, whether provided online or offline, is kept in electronic databases. Paper information about donations and other activity is kept in a locked storage space on the premises for two years and in a locked off-site storage for a further six years. After eight years, CPAWS destroys paper data through a certified shredding company.

Sharing Personal Data
CPAWS does not share supporter or donor information outside the organization with one exception: we do share donor lists with like-minded charities in an effort to expand our own reach to new audiences. Donors who request that CPAWS not share their contact information with like-minded charities will have their wishes respected immediately. In such a case, information that was shared prior to the request may result in a like-minded charity sending a message to the donor in the immediate weeks following the request. This is outside of CPAWS’ control.  Email lists are not shared with any organization under any circumstance.

Online Communications – Anti-spam Requirements
CPAWS abides by laws that relate to the control of spam and commercial electronic messages. As a result, we do not distribute messages that are commercial in nature. We respect and immediately apply an individual’s request to stop receiving electronic messages from CPAWS (national and/or chapter levels).  To the extent possible, we also accommodate requests to stop receiving only certain types of messages.

Accessing Your Personal Data
Individuals who wish to access their personal data held by CPAWS may make a request in writing to the national and/or chapter office as appropriate. Before providing access, CPAWS will take reasonable steps to ensure that the person making the request is the individual themselves before providing access.  CPAWS will comply with an individual’s request for deletion or correction of their personal information except with respect to data that we are required by law to retain.

Inquiries and Requests
Inquiries or requests regarding CPAWS’ collection, use, retention or disclosure of personal information should be addressed to Brad Clute, CPAWS’ Privacy Officer at:

Privacy Officer, CPAWS National Office
600-100 Gloucester Street
Ottawa, ON K2P 0A4

Direct line: 613-569-7226 ext. 236

You can also contact our Privacy Officer via email.


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