Six questions to ask your Federal election candidates

September 13, 2021
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6 Questions to ask federal election candidates

Six questions to ask your Federal election candidates

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CPAWS Northern Alberta

We are fortunate that there are several ways we can engage with candidates running in Canada’s federal election – answering the door to canvassing candidates, calling their offices, or interacting with them on social media.

Along with CPAWS Southern Alberta we have put together six questions you can ask candidates in your riding before casting your vote in the Federal Election on September 20th.

These questions focus on conservation and the future of Alberta’s lands and wildlife. Want to see some questions that have a National lens? Check out the questions that our national office asked each party.

1. Proposed large scale metallurgic coal projects in Alberta Eastern Slopes are likely to impact many areas of Federal Jurisdiction including fish and fish habitat, Aboriginal and Treaty Rights and Climate change.  Will you and your party commit to subjecting all new metallurgic coal mines to Federal Environmental Assessment?  

2. Alberta is home to a number of species at risk, including woodland caribou, westslope cutthroat trout, and sage grouse. All of which are in decline. How will you and your party ensure necessary habitat protections for the recovery of both terrestrial and aquatic species?  

3. Will you and your party commit to meeting international environmental protection targets (30% of land and water by 2030) through the creation of new protected areas, and prioritizing Indigenous-led conservation initiatives and Indigenous protected and conserved areas? 

4. Protection of nature is a proven way to take climate action, and stem biodiversity loss.  What plans do you and your party have to implement nature-based climate solutions? 

5. Alberta is home to some of Canada’s most spectacular national parks. Focus on industrial and tourism development inside and outside of the parks hurts our parks’ ability to protect land and wildlife. How will you and your party make sure we maintain or improve the ecological integrity within our national parks?

6. Indigenous peoples have always acted as stewards of the environment. Elevation of Indigenous-led conservation is an important part of reconciliation, and essential to meet conservation goals. How will you and your party prioritize Indigenous-led conservation initiatives?


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