Key successes

CPAWS Northern Alberta: Keeping Alberta Wild for 50 years!

2016 - Released three volumes of Alberta's Caribou: A Guide to Range Planning. The report is the first time in the province of Alberta that our boreal woodland caribou herd ranges are visually presented to the general public showing current industrial and wildfire disturbance, oil and gas and forestry activity, and priority zones for protection and restoration. As part of its Caribou Plan, the Government of Alberta announces 1.8 million hectares of new protected areas to protect caribou habitat.

2015 - Released our Conservation Blueprint of Northern Alberta, which scientifically identifies places of high value for conservation in the province! This work was instrumental in encouraging the Government of Alberta to commit to achieving 17% protection in Alberta by 2020 in line with international targets!

2014 - Successfully campaigned against commercial development in the form of a high-end resort lodge at Maligne Lake in Jasper National Park. Unfortunately Parks Canada made the decision to allow high-end tent cabins to go forward! This has lead to a legal challenge by CPAWS and the Jasper Environmental Association - read about our Stand Up for Jasper campaign and support our work! 

2012 - Provided input into the Lower Athabasca Regional Plan (LARP), which, following an order in council, will establish new protected areas representing approximately 2.5% of the province

2010 - Successfully lobbied against changes to the Alberta Provincial Parks Act by working in coalition with other concerned parties. The proposed changes would have set conservation back 40-years.

2008 - Contributed to CEMA’s Terrestrial Environmental Management Framework wherein industry, government, aboriginal groups and governments agreed to establish protected areas as part of forest management in northeast Alberta.

2007 - Published the State of Alberta’s Parks and Protected Areas, a detailed analysis of challenges and opportunities to ensuring ecological integrity.

2005 - Played a prominent role in developing Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) forest certification standards for Canada’s boreal forest. Strong FSC standards contribute to our goals of additional protected areas and better forest management. Worked with Alberta Pacific to get its forests FSC Certified—largest FSC certified forest in the world at the time.

Released a major report on the state of forest management in Alberta. The objective of the study was to determine how far government policies and industrial practices still need to go to achieve the vision outlined in the Alberta Forest Conservation Strategy.

2004 - Published the Rocky Mt. Foothills booklet which described the remaining best places for protection in that region. Booklet supported efforts to create the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement (CBFA) in 2010.

2002 - Published the book Alternative Futures: Alberta’s Boreal Forest at the Crossroads, by Rick Schneider which provided a comprehensive and authoritative overview of the management of Alberta's boreal forest

2001 - Published booklet identifying the Chinchaga as an Endangered Forest and linking it to this international campaign. Within weeks the Province announced 3,500km² in the heart of this region would remain permanently unallocated to forestry. Prior to this, CPAWS successfully lobbied against a paper mill project slated for this area.

2000 - Played a critical role in the creation of a large protected area in the Caribou Mountains, adjacent to Wood Buffalo National Park. The largest park established in Alberta under Special Places 2000.

1996 - Helped develop the Alberta Forest Conservation Strategy which supported the establishment of protected areas as a key need for sustainable forest management.

1992 - Prevented logging in Wood Buffalo National Park

1971 - Played a key role in defeating the “Prairie River Improvement Plan” which would have diverted water from northern Alberta watersheds to southern Alberta.