Back 2 Backpacking by Adrian Pearce Part 3

Fast forward forty years and I find myself as a cameraman working on a documentary about food in Alberta. The producer Jeff tells me that he wants to film at Skoki Lodge in Banff National Park. Chef Katie Mitzel and her staff create five start meals in a rustic kitchen without any electrical power. “Awesome!” I say. Wanting to make sure I understand the situation Jeff informs me “The thing is, we have to hike in. There is no other way unless you are royalty.” This makes me want to go even more.

Ten Years Home by Ina Lucila

2015 marks my tenth year in Canada. Looking back, it is hard to believe that my tropical toes have survived ten winters – I still have trouble wrapping my brain around the fact that I've been here long enough to go to college twice, be on my fifth job, and own a house. But most of all, it astounds me how much I've grown to love living here, and how Canada has truly become my home.

Back 2 Backpacking by Adrian Pearce Part 2

My earliest experience with backpacking was a feeble attempt to hike forty two kilometers from London, Ontario to the city of St. Marys following the Thames Valley Trail... Not having a lot of cash, but having a stack of Canadian Tire money, it was an easy decision as to where to buy my camping gear.

How Much Do We Love Caribou? Part One by Marcus Becker

The plight of Woodland Caribou in Alberta has been well-documented over the last several decades. Despite belonging to the privileged class of wildlife known colloquially as “charismatic mega-fauna,” which generally affords a species a high level of public concern, caribou populations remain in serious decline and are now classified as threatened under Canada’s Species at Risk Act.

Back 2 Backpacking by Adrian Pearce

Follow Adrian Pearce as he reconnects with backpacking after being challenged by his daughter to hike the West Coast Trail this year! Adrian's stories take us from northern Alberta to the WCT as he rediscovers the joys of slinging on a pack and getting back to the land.

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